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  1. Limecrime Matte Lip Liquid

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    Whatsapp: 91667188

    *** 3rd & 4th picture are real life swatch by us.***

    Out of stock- Polly, Beet it, Riot

    Duplicate Grade A which some seller claim to sell as in Authentic.

    ##Proof of mailing will be sending to Customers##

    Currently no meetup as we do have oncoming stocks arrival to count stocks and distribute to buyers.
    Here the price list:

    For preorder, only payment in we will then record down and order to your preferred color.
    Awaiting timing is around: 10-20days we stayed longer just in case.
    But my stocks normally will arrives before the stated days.

    Preorder you can choose your preferred colors.
    Once instock we will update whatever available stocks we have.
    As just stated limited pcs as we have others buyers from other website for ordering.
    Please give us sometime for responding. ;)
    No exchange/refund/ upon payment is made and order received. Due to hygenic.
    Enjoy shopping with us.

    *Please test if you are sensitive we will not responsible for any allergy or rashes or anything cause we personally using for all colors*