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    Da S Recommendation Comb

    Do not foresee this comb, its big enough for all hair and its brush out all types of hair and free tangle.

    Why we recommend this?
    Because we are also using it, before importing in to sell, we use it and tested on our hair.
    No gimmick, Try it and you will know.

    Due to our self import, we already tried our best to sell at lowest price.

    There will be some rubber smell and it is normal so you will know its Brand New condition, am I right?

    The smell will fade in no time so not to worry about it.
    Each comb can last quite long as long as you don't drop it.
    Caring for the comb; just rise tap water over it and clear with tissue.
    For stubborn dandruff, please brush it with "used"/"unused" toothbrush with mild detergent will do.