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    We done our survey of the mosquito patch from retail; Retail selling 10patches at SGD 7.50 as above. NOW!!! $3 for 10packs = 60s stickers. No Expiry Date due to Exterior Wear so you can keep it and use it anytime you want, just prepare extra mosquito repellent oil/spray when in need just dip or spray on the sticker after you pasted on your clothes. Our imported mosquito patch retail do not sell and we are alot cheaper than retail! Consumers can use as freely as they want plus our design are colourful. Our 6patches at the above price stated. Isn't it cheap?? And the effective roughly the same!! At our price like this; you can paste afew more around your area! You won't feel heart pain or pocket burn a big hole! Alot of kindergarten/school/company; purchased from us too. And they are very satisfy with their purchase. Imported From Hong Kong Mosquito/Insects Repellent. All Sources of Repellent. From Patch to Band or Bracelet. PLEASE do not compare with others. Ours From Hong Kong. And price is not cheap. If you're uncomfortable with our Terms & Conditions, PLEASE stay clear. Thank You Very Much! We tried it ourselves for the patch. For outing please use at least 4patches. Sleeve 2patch. Short 2patch. Last for about 4~5hours. (Personal Tested) For Baby usage; Please paste away from hand reachable. Example; Sleeve or clothing. Back of the clothing or pant. For Band; Do not touch water. There's a Ziplock which can be keep and re-use. First time use; 4 hours and keep in the bag plus zipped up. Each day; 4hour daily up to half a month. Not suitable for baby. For Hello Kitty Bracelet; Do not touch water. Can be re-use but need to use rubber band to tie it up. Can last longer up to 20days. Thereafter, you can wash and wear as fashion bracelet. Not suitable for baby. Dear all, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Will not entertain any unreasonable comments. All photos shown here are self taken by us, so that Customers roughly have some ideas of what you will be getting. We've tested so we recommend to all. We've tried the retail mosquito repellent and its work the same as ours. For Patch usually need at least 4 to paste. As for bracelet, its work the same if the area full of mosquitos bracelet need at least 4pcs. Both hands and legs. Please refer to the above information before SMS us to enquires. Please take note you may combine shipping with our others items in Gmarket. We are advise Customers to purchase more than 1pcs as above so the postage will be more worth. Thank you! Please scroll down for more of our latest imported design. Thanks for supporting us and let us import more to share with all Customers.